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Relational Gestalt Therapy — Post-training

What Heals in Psychohterapy?

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Better understanding of what heals and what we heal...

FACE TO FACE training!

Bulletin d’inscription

With this training you will have a clear perspective on change and the nature of psychotherapeutic work. This will enable you to strengthen your posture, develop a fine perception of the clinical situations in session and above all a better relevance in your interventions and a greater ease in positioning yourself towards the patient

We will share different perspectives on what psychotherapy is, how it is supposed to work and the different conceptions of change. Based on the participants’ beliefs, we will discuss the main perspectives on these topics and the differences they imply in the therapist’s posture towards the patient.

In support of the clinic and on the basis of current research work developing concepts such as “corrective experience”, “therapeutic alliance” [“corrective emotional experience” and “therapeutic alliance” are two major concepts from psychotherapy research] or “secret patient longing” [“Secret Longing” is a notion theorised and developed at IDeT], we will propose a general and integrative model of change taking into account the singularity of the therapeutic encounter.
We will accompany the participants in putting these notions into practice and handling them in the clinic.

Structure of the module - 4 days
2 times 2 days separated by an integration time ->6]
Objectives of the module

  • To identify the participant’s implicit representations of what therapy is and to enrich them with other models
  • To know how to use the key concepts of change as a guide to intervention
  • Clarify the general therapeutic aim in order to better define it with each patient
  • Integrate the theory of change and clinical practice

Vincent Béja and Florence Belasco - Founders of IDeT - more than 20 years of experience

Florence Belasco - Clinical psychologist, Psychotherapist, Gestalt therapist, trainer and supervisor. Member of the Research Committee of the EAGT (European Association of Gestalt Therapy), the SPR (Society for Psychotherapy Research) and the SEPI (Society for the Exploration of Integration in Psychotherapy).


Vincent Béja - Gestalt therapist, trainer and supervisor. Chair of the Research Committee of the EAGT (European Association of Gestalt Therapy), member of the NYIGT (New York Institute of Gestalt Therapy) and the SPR (Society for Psychotherapy Research).

Pedagogical means
Theoretical-clinical and experiential training in small groups

  • Clinical work based on real cases from the participants’ own practice.
  • Learning by experience and observation (practicum, didactic sequences, video), situation setting and sharing time.
  • Reflective work and self-evaluation in intercession.

Our modules are built around taking into account the specific needs and resources of the participants, which encourages their self-training. They offer a safe, small group, resourceful environment

A training certificate will be issued at the end of this module. This certificate allows you to validate a number of training units that meet the criteria of the various professional organisations (EAP, FF2P, EAGT...).

Our training courses are Datadock approved and registered with the FIFPL

Dates and locations

Bulletin d’inscription

19-20 March & 9-10 April
PARIS Location to be defined

Updated 2021-11-22

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