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What research for Gestalt therapy? - Vincent Beja

Two risks and a third way: what research for Gestalt therapy?

This article has been first published in the British Gestalt Journal Vol 29, n°1 - In this article the author explains the possible future for Gestalt therapy in view of the evolution of the regulatory context and the appearance of the contextual model resulting from the evolution of research in psychotherapy. This future oscillates between marginalisation or even outright disappearance and dissolution into a vast, integrative, outcome-based current. The author argues that both the values inspiring the Gestalt therapeutic posture and the mode of intervention based on the therapist’s affective resonance are worth defending and even disseminating more widely than today. He then draws the outlines of a Gestalt research that allows Gestalt therapy to be legitimised by being recognised as offering evidence-based treatments and to continue to develop as an original and innovative modality.

Vincent Béja, Chair of the EAGT Research Committee, convening international conferences on Gestalt therapy research in Paris (2017) and Hamburg (2021), co-founder of the French Research Committee, former member of the AAGT Research Task Force, and member of the Research Committee of the EAGT since 2013. Co-editor with Florence Belasco of the book La recherche en Gestalt-thérapie (2018), member of the editorial board of the Gestalt Therapy Book Series, and member of the reading committee of the Revue Gestalt for ten years. He has written more than thirty articles on Gestalt therapy in various French and English- speaking journals and translated many others. Co-founder of the IDeT (Institute for the Development of the Therapist) in Paris, France. He is currently a member of the SPR (Society for Psychotherapy Research) and the NYIGT (New York Institute for Gestalt Therapy).
From 1985 to 1992 he was a statistician and researcher at the ORS PACA (Observatoire Régional de la Santé de Provence Alpes Côtes d’Azur), France.

This article was published in British Gestalt Journal 29.1. To read the full issue, please visit the British Gestalt Journal website.

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