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Relational Gestalt Therapy — Post-training

Working Alliance

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an essential clinical theme

A Key Factor in Successful Therapy

FACE TO FACE training

Research in psychotherapy has shown that the quality of the therapeutic alliance is the best predictor of successful therapy

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  • What are the ingredients of a good therapeutic alliance?
  • How do you build a quality therapeutic alliance?
  • And how can we identify and repair the breaks in it?

Moreover, if the therapeutic alliance is built from the first session, it continues to be an essential stake throughout the therapy.

The therapeutic alliance is in fact a question that arises in a singular way with each of our patients. It is also a notion that concerns all therapeutic modalities.
Our seminar is based on a certain number of essential and common elements from psychotherapy research of which you will discover an aspect.
These elements will be illustrated by clinical vignettes and proposals for experiential work.
We will thus accompany the participants in the practical application of this notion and its handling in the clinic

Structure of the module - 4 days->66]
2 times 2 days separated by an integration time.

Who is the training for?

This training is addressed to all therapists for whom the relationship is central: Gestalt therapists and all humanist, existential and relational therapists.

Objectives of the module

  • To understand the clinical interest of the concept of therapeutic alliance
  • To know how to be attentive to the three dimensions of the alliance
  • To have concrete reference points to establish a good alliance from the first sessions
  • To know how to detect and repair the ruptures of the alliance
  • To approach the clinical use of the main results of research in psychotherapy

Pedagogical means
Theoretical-clinical and experiential training in small groups

  • Clinical work based on real cases from the participants’ own practice.
  • Video illustrations
  • Learning through experience and observation (supervised practicums, didactic sequences, video), situation setting and sharing time.

Our modules are built around taking into account the specific needs and resources of the participants, which encourages their self-training. They offer a safe environment, in a small group, rich in resources

Vincent Béja and Florence Belasco - Founders of IDeT - over 20 years experience

Florence Belasco - Clinical psychologist, Psychotherapist, Gestalt therapist, trainer and supervisor. Member of the Research Committee of the EAGT (European Association of Gestalt Therapy), the SPR (Society for Psychotherapy Research) and the SEPI (Society for the Exploration of Integration in Psychotherapy).


Vincent Béja - Gestalt therapist, trainer and supervisor. Responsible for the Research Committee of the EAGT (European Association of Gestalt Therapy), member of the NYIGT (New York Institute of Gestalt Therapy) and the SPR (Society for Psychotherapy Research).

A certificate of training will be issued at the end of this module. This certificate allows the validation of a number of training units that meet the criteria of the different professional organisations (EAP, FF2P, EAGT...).

Our training courses are Datadock approved and registered with the FIFPL

Dates and locations

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La Réunion: 18-19 December 2021 & 3-4 January 2022
Paris: 14-15 May & 11-12 June 2022

updated on 2021-11-22

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